HVAC & Refrigeration 

Naylor’s versatile technicians can respond quickly to customers who are experiencing lost productivity due to downtime in their mechanical equipment.



Naylor’s plumbers are proficient and follow the Naylor method of communicating with customers, demonstrating a level of professionalism that is top in the industry.


Electrical systems in commercial and industrial facilities are more complex today than ever before. Preventative Maintenance programs assist customers to identify electrical problems before they lead to safety concerns or outages.


Building Technologies

Viridian, as Naylor's partner, utilizes the latest in clean technologies and applies energy saving know how in implementation, taking a comprehensive approach to projects that reduces energy consumption, updates the building’s technology and facilitates the creation of an on-going, long term partnership with customers.

Compressed Air

Naylor provides onsite analysis and audits of compressed air systems. Energy saving opportunities are critical to compressed air customers - Naylor’s experienced management team provides retrofit solutions and maintenance programs that assist customers to manage cost.


Energy Retrofit Solutions

Naylor's unique offering when it comes to energy retrofits is based on its extensive experience and technical expertise - a logical partner to evaluate building systems and implement solutions.