Naylor’s electrical operation specializes in electrical projects as well as electrical service and maintenance. Extensive experience in the industry allows Naylor to provide customers with energy-efficient solutions for their buildings systems. 

Electrical inspections provide an assessment of risks and non-compliance issues.  Reporting provided to customers through electrical inspections ensure that facilities are held to code and safety standards.

Electrical contractor

Naylor’s service expertise includes:

  • Electrical Projects, Maintenance and Repair
  • Power Quality Troubleshooting and Analysis
  • Automated control and PLC System service and repair
  • Automated Machinery troubleshooting and repair
  • Infrared Thermography
      - Naylor conducts infrared thermography scans to allow customers to           visualize, identify and record high temperature occurrences (hot spots)       within electrical systems.
      - Naylor Electricians identify high temperatures occurrences during a             predictive maintenance inspection and quickly, accurately and safely         locate problems prior to failure.