Energy efficiency is top of mind to customers across industries.  Naylor is perpetually working with customers to assist them in achieving their objectives to reduce energy costs and consumption in their facilities. As a value added business partner, Naylor works with customers to craft a unique energy plan suited to their particular facilities.  We create simple plans that work within customer’s budgets and timelines to improve their energy consumption.  Naylor’s unique offering is based on its extensive experience and in-house technical expertise making us the logical partner to evaluate building systems.  

Naylor provides:

  • Customized Energy Management Plan
    Energy efficiency saving calculations by project
    Recommended energy efficiency goals
    Project review and design
    Post project energy reduction review

Projects include:

  • Facility Energy Audits
  • Process Energy Audits
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Power Conditioning Systems
  • Intelligent Metering
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • HVAC Equipment Sizing Analysis
  • Building Automation Control Strategies
  • Compressed Air Leak control and system audits